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Once upon a time, a teenager got excited about a job she got at the mall because she could finally get a taste of something she'd always been curious about. Photography. That job at Sears Portrait Studio is something I've always been a little embarassed about, but today I realize that's silly. That job was what gave me just the right nudge in one beautiful direction.


I learned a few valuable things at Sears. I learned that children are authentic when they trust. I learned that there's no shame in making a fool of yourself if the reward is one spectacular laugh. And I learned that I really, really hate posing.


So let's forget about the rules; about big rehearsed smiles and proper poses and looking into the camera. Let's forget about props and fancy outfits and showy backgrounds. Let's throw order & structure right out the window. I'd like to show you how photography can be when it becomes the discovery of spirit & character through the eyes of a romantic.